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God, Christmas with a toddler is going to be interesting.

To do:
- Put Hilary on the pill
- But Hilary/Mia Christmas presents
- Start. My. Essay. Ugh!
- Get new laptop; this one fucking sucks.
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have not been on.
hilary had her babe, little amelia jane. :)
healthy and happy and living with me.

my sixteen year old sister is a mommy. and the father can go diaf.
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i went out with a couple friends last night. i had to get out. i can't stand my dingy little apartment any more.

i met up with new people, got a couple numbers. it will prove to be somewhat interestign in the days to come. i just baked banana muffins. but i can't eat a thing.
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hilary is 20 weeks along.
i am going to have a niece soon. this is all fine and dandy but i have to get her out of my house.
she's just laying around, which i realise is something pregnant laydezz tend to do, but she's really bothering me. i wish our parents would take her back.

the apartment is in shades of light coral and sunshine yellow. she's picking out names, i hear her say how does alice sound? or i can't choose between evelyn and matilda. i asked what the "father" is doing. she says he doesn't even KNOW. what. the. hell. how... i didn't even question that.

my life: i go to school, go to work, come home, go to sleep. start cycle again.

in any event.
my life sucks.
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okay, so i haven't updated in forever. i was pretty busy.
hilary told mom and dad and so, yes, they kicked her out. they shouted at her to get an abortion, because it would ruin her life, but she said no fervently. she is a born-again christian (since she was thirteen) and did not want to abort.

so, she's living with me for the time being, and it's going pretty well.
we're a lot closer, and i didn't realise how much i missed her.

anyway, she has her ultrasound TOMORROW and we find out how far along she is.
she's not sure, she's guessing maybe a month or two? she never keeps track of things like periods because she's been irregular since the start.
and she's tall.
so it isn't like she shows, so if she's five months, i wouldn't be surprised because being tall, it doesn't show.